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Book-keeping / Accountancy

Service Offered

Do you need your accounts kept in order on a monthly basis for your annual tax return?

Give me your box of receipts and paperwork and let me keep them in order for you.

If this is what you need, please call Robert - evenings and weekends


Qualified in HND Business Studies in 1985 - having worked in local government finance; accounting roles in London companies; office manager in Croydon; accountant for a restaurant management company in Hong Kong; and being self-emplyed with over 10 years of providing book-keeping (and computer) services in Dumfries in the past.

After a break I am once again offering a part-time book-keeping service and am looking for regular clients who require this service. If it is you, then please call for a confidential chat in the first instance - evenings and weekends

New Abbey Road, Dumfries

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Last modified: Tuesday 2nd February 2016
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